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Spending time with those you really care about—your close friends, your significant other, and your family — will bring you much more satisfaction than the stuff your money can buy. Not spending quality time with the people you love is actually one of the top regrets of the dying. In fact, according to the Self-Determination Theory , relatedness is one of the three basic human needs.

Also, there are studies that correlate marriage, or a committed long-term relationship, to higher satisfaction in life. Of course, this presupposes that you are giving or serving out of a caring heart, and not due to obligation or social pressure, and that you are doing it in a way that is balanced with your own personal needs. On the other hand, parenting itself is a way of giving and also releases similar hormones in the brain — so if you are a busy mom or dad, you may already have this covered.

One group strolled through a beautiful arboretum near the campus of the University of Michigan, and the other walked in downtown Ann Arbor. The researchers discovered that those who walked in nature improved their test scores by 20 percent, while those who walked in the city showed no improvement moreover, they reported a decline in perceived well-being.

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To consider the availability of nature as merely an amenity fails to recognize the vital importance of nature in effective cognitive functioning. Having a daily morning ritual can help you big time setting up your mood and energy for the day. It is a great opportunity to take care of your body and mind, and start the day with the right foot. Or just move on to work.

Sometimes we need to just stop everything and take a break. Turn inward and rethink our life; ask some hard questions and connect to our inner voice. Especially when things are getting out of hand or too busy. To see well, you must not look always. You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it. We have a cult of speed and busy-ness in our society. But being busy is not the same as being productive. It can often be an escape from something.

In order to live better, we need to create space to breathe, and to think. Takeaway: slow down. Take a break when needed. Create space to stop and think outside of the box. Feed your brain with things that give you insight, empowerment, and motivation. Even reading about authentic happiness makes you happier.

Happiness is a Choice: 12 Ways to Choose Happiness Today

That is why I set up this blog. It is an amazing resource that allows you to read or listen to summaries of the top books on several topics motivation, happiness, meditation, nutrition, performance, wealth, personal development. I truly recommend that for anybody that wants to grow, or to get more from life. Join Limitless Life. By Giovanni 2. Exercise Regularly 2. Eat better 3. Meditate 5.

Keep a journal 6. Other people had to help him do the simplest of personal chores.

Every day was one more physical battle. A month or so before his death, he and my mom went to a local family restaurant. The waitress told them that the special of the day was tilapia. The waitress took their order and began to walk away. But after a few steps she stopped and turned to see Dad sitting in his wheel chair. He was smiling.

10 Daily Habits To Live a Happier Lifestyle - Alex Costa

Happiness is a choice that perhaps some folks simply cannot make. But if you can, do yourself a favor and adopt the tilapia as your school mascot. Fantastic article, I am also a true advocate of power of Meditation! So much so I think Drs should be prescribing meditation as standard practice instead of always dishing out antidepressants. Love these articles…would like to see the how to declutter, how to minimize practical articles also.

Spoken as someone who has never experienced major mental illness. How silly of me!! With or without mental illness, these steps may help improve your life, not necessarily fix it. Chronic pain can play with someones mental health if not careful and it has so I have to choose to take care of all the other factors in my life.

Best wishes to you Elly on your journey to wellness. And thank Joshua for the reminders :. I too suffer a mental illness. Learning to meditate properly, and the daily practice of it , is of wonderful benefit. I too have mental illness as well as chronic systematic illness and 12 has worked for me as well as the Good for you, Lisa!

But we can choose some of the things we think about and do each day, and that can make a huge difference. Not a cure, but a difference. Love your attitude! Absolutely love and try to live by these actions. Try to promote them with my clients in my coaching practice as well. Beautiful and sound advice, with yourself as the center of your life.

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I love that. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! Thanx Joshua, Was feeling low about a certain situation in my life, but reading this blog has encouraged me in more than one way. I am going to choose to be happy, and practice some of these intentional actions.

Quotes about being happy regardless of where you are in life

Great advice! Love this post. I have been trying to do all of these, consciously. And they WORK!


How to Live a Happy Life

They become sub conscious. I have even had good things happen because of it. Oh, I just love this! I am a firm believer in smiling often and at others. Do you have any advice for getting started? She seems very connected to her food and writes about it beautifully and in a way that encourages the reader to really focus on simple natural food and to really enjoy it. First, I would like to say thank you for this blog. I love all of the articles that you post.

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I can say that this is a great list and it works! I encourage everyone to practice these steps.